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4 Ways Acupuncture Point Stimulation relieves Low Back Pain

Are you or someone you love suffering from lower back pain? If the answer is yes, you certainly are not alone! Statistics show that at some point, 80% of adults experience low back pain. This pain can be debilitating and is the single leading cause of missed time at work, and job related disability. Low back pain can begin as the result of an injury or can slowly develop over time due to changes of the spine and surrounding muscles. The pain intensity can range from dull to sharp. This pain can interfere with work, household, and leisure activities and [...]

4 Ways Acupuncture Point Stimulation relieves Low Back Pain2019-02-11T10:05:16-04:00

The Electricity Behind Scar Release Therapy

When it comes to learning and applying Scar Release Therapy, it’s vital that we practitioners understand the role that electrical devices plays in the treatment process. Pain Expert Kelly Armstrong I receive emails from all over the world from people who are suffering in chronic pain and disease.  Some ask me questions and some just want to hear from someone who can give them hope.  The electrical device that is used for the scar release matters. It matters more than anyone realizes until they understand how electricity impacts the body – including our scars! This explanation can get [...]

The Electricity Behind Scar Release Therapy2019-02-11T10:05:16-04:00

 New Science Behind Scar Release Therapy

I am still researching, treating, and loving scars as a therapist! I have been doing Scar Release Therapy with MPS for years and I still find that treating scars has the biggest punch in a single treatment on decreasing pain and increasing patient functionality. Heart Rate Variability I have been learning something new recently called Heart Rate Variability (HRV). This is how well the Autonomic Nervous System is working to stay balanced and to keep the body healthy. Looking at all the different markers is actually quite complicated the more I learn about it. To put it simply, if you [...]

 New Science Behind Scar Release Therapy2019-02-11T10:05:16-04:00

Electrotherapy Exposed

Download PDF of Article The application of electrotherapy has been an accepted worldwide medical practice throughout the modern history of mankind. Hippocrates was reported to place patients into barrels of water with electrical eels to cure rheumatism and gout. At the turn of the 19th century, the great titans Westinghouse (direct current-DC) and Tesla (alternating current-AC) debate spawned a plethora of therapeutic electro-medical devices that flooded the market with some reportedly wild health claims. The release of the Flexner Report in 1910 wiped out the domestic electro-therapy market in favor of drugs, which remained in place until the 1960s.1 However, [...]

Electrotherapy Exposed2019-02-11T10:05:16-04:00

5 Reasons Why Scars May Be Adversely Impacting Your Health

Scars are a result of the body’s remarkable power to heal itself. Scars develop after the deeper layer of skin, the dermis, is damaged. New collagen fibers are laid down at the site of the wound to repair the tissue. These fibers grow in random and unorganized patterns, forming adhesions underneath the scar itself. Adhesions can form deep within the body, attaching to muscles, bones, tendons, and organs. Imagine how a single pull of this matrix fascial tissue and how it could misalign or cause imbalance in any number of the systems throughout the body. Here are five reasons why [...]

5 Reasons Why Scars May Be Adversely Impacting Your Health2019-02-11T10:05:16-04:00

USA TODAY: Microcurrent Point Stimulation: A New Hope

  Written by I-Hsien Sherwood, for USA Today Many patients suffer with chronic pain for years without relief. The causes and workings of pain still aren't fully understood. Pain re-related ailments like migraines, fibromyalgia or sciatica can go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed for years, and treatments aren't always effective. While remedies like physical therapy, prescription narcotics or surgery can alleviate symptoms in some patients, they don't work for everyone. Cutting edge As such, the medical community is always looking for promising new treatments, especially those that are non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical. Recently, one of these therapies, microcurrent point stimulation (MPS) has gained [...]

USA TODAY: Microcurrent Point Stimulation: A New Hope2019-02-11T10:05:16-04:00

What is Sensory Defensiveness?

As a pediatric therapist, I have been treating children on the Autistic Spectrum for 20 years. It is well known by most moms that if they have a child on the spectrum they understand the term “sensory defensiveness” or more common, “fight-or-flight.” This manifests itself as behavioral issues but is a result of an unbalanced autonomic nervous system. When the sympathetic nervous system is stuck in a mode where it constantly increases our response to stimulus, or “upregulates,” it triggers sensory defensiveness in children. What is the Fight-or-Flight Response? The fight-or-flight response, refers to a physiological reaction that occurs in the presence [...]

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A Southern Gal in London: Teaching MPS Scar Release Therapy at COPA 2015

On June 10th and 11th, I spoke at the COPA show, which was a private practice show. The show was fascinating as it was considered to have the best treatment techniques in the world being presented! It was an exciting show to be a part of.

A Southern Gal in London: Teaching MPS Scar Release Therapy at COPA 20152019-02-11T10:05:16-04:00

Emotional Blockages, Emotional Pain, and Chronic Pain

Pain, particularly chronic pain, is considered as an emotion disorder and a physical impression. Thought, mood and behavior are affected by this complex experience and are turned into isolation and drug dependence.

Emotional Blockages, Emotional Pain, and Chronic Pain2019-02-11T10:05:17-04:00