5 Reasons Why Scars May Be Adversely Impacting Your Health

Scars are a result of the body’s remarkable power to heal itself. Scars develop after the deeper layer of skin, the dermis, is damaged. New collagen fibers are laid down at the site of the wound to repair the tissue. These fibers grow in random and unorganized patterns, forming adhesions underneath the scar itself. Adhesions can form deep within the body, attaching to muscles, bones, tendons, and organs.

Imagine how a single pull of this matrix fascial tissue and how it could misalign or cause imbalance in any number of the systems throughout the body.

Here are five reasons why scars may

Emotional Blockages, Emotional Pain, and Chronic Pain

Pain, particularly chronic pain, is considered as an emotion disorder and a physical impression. Thought, mood and behavior are affected by this complex experience and are turned into isolation and drug dependence.