I am still researching, treating, and loving scars as a therapist! I have been doing Scar Release Therapy with MPS for years and I still find that treating scars has the biggest punch in a single treatment on decreasing pain and increasing patient functionality.

Heart Rate Variability

I have been learning something new recently called Heart Rate Variability (HRV). This is how well the Autonomic Nervous System is working to stay balanced and to keep the body healthy. Looking at all the different markers is actually quite complicated the more I learn about it.

To put it simply, if you have a high HRV then your parasympathetic system, or recovery/healing system, should be working just fine. When you get sick, stressed out, or experience some kind of trauma the high HRV gives the body the power it needs to recover. However, if you are sick and in pain, your HRV is probably low, and research shows that low HRV is linked to a wide range of diseases.

Go ahead, search PUBMED and see all of the issues that are related to poor HRV. This also means that if your HRV is low and you get sick, stressed out, or experience trauma it takes longer for you to recover… If you actually do get back to the prior state of health.

Electrical Scar Release Makes a Difference

I have been therapeutically treating scars for years and really seeing lives changed from electrically releasing scars with DC Microcurrent. How do I know that it works? Because the people I treat are changed and forever grateful that a new healing has taken place in their bodies!

Guess what? I have recently been able to measure scars with an Autonomic Nervous System device used only by doctors to check on their patients’ health and nervous systems! So now, I have actually been able to see how the nervous system responds on the inside when I am treating the scars on the outside. This has been mind-blowing and super exciting! The results I am seeing from the nervous system correlate with the improvements in pain and function. I am going to write much more on this subject and share all the new stuff I am learning in my next few blogs.

Remember – scars matter. And now I have scientific evidence from the nervous system that the kind of electricity and modality you use to treat those scars matter too!


Kelly Armstrong, OTR/L, MPP