Timea K., LMT

Open-Quotes1After attending Kelly’s class, I was able to jump right in and treat my own clients and have had amazing results! After 14 years of being a LMT, THIS is the first class I can honestly say has made me a better therapist!Close-Quotes1


Open-Quotes1Kelly’s Scar Release Therapy course was amazing! It was organized, well planned and well conducted. The information was presented in a way that made it so easy to understand and more importantly, easy to apply in a clinical setting. Finally CEU’s I will actually use! My approach to healing is forever changed!Close-Quotes1

Beth H., LMT

“Kelly is an amazing teacher — talk about going above and beyond to heal scars! I spoke with her on our break and told her about a traumatic episiotomy I had 22 years ago. She talked to me a little more about scars and what they hold with emotion and trauma. She said she would be willing to do the scar treatment on my episiotomy in the comfort of her hotel room away from the group, safe and sound. I went from a pain level of 9-10 down to a 1-2. I am eternally grateful to Kelly for going above and beyond and allowing me the chance for freedom of pain. We are all worth living a pain free life and I am on the way to feeling whole again!Close-Quotes1

Kimberly L.

Open-Quotes1I have had chronic upper back and neck pain for many years, some of which resulted from two c-sections. After being treated with Scar Release Therapy by Kelly, I felt immediate pain relief and did not feel any pain for 40 hours. I then had pain in my upper back/neck and occipital area. It worsened as the workday went on. That pain was an 8/10. My husband performed another MPS scar treatment without any circuits. The scar is barely visible now. He said it seemed to disappear before his eyes. This treatment was done 2 hours before i went to bed. while I did not feel immediate relief, I woke up the next morning pain free.Close-Quotes1

Sandy P., LMT

Open-Quotes1Kelly is a passionate teacher, articulate, and knowledgeable about SRT. During the course you will learn about the makeup of scars and how they affect the entire body, emotionally as well as physically. You and your clients will be astonished at the results of this therapy. SRT is a paradigm shift in healing the body. It is noninvasive, inexpensive and the results are immediate.Close-Quotes1

Jeannine R., LMT

Open-Quotes1I have had 3 abdominal surgeries. I had Kelly Armstrong perform the scar release protocol on me after our first day of class. My pain when Kelly began working on me was around a 4. After Kelly performed the scar release protocol on all 3 surgical areas, my pain was virtually gone.Close-Quotes1

Jeannine W., LMT

Open-Quotes1In 2002 I underwent two surgeries, an emergency C-Section and a discectomy at L5/S1 all at once. It was a relief to no longer be paralyzed from the back injury and I could start raising my daughter. Twelve years later I still suffered from occasional swelling on my back at the surgical site and it was tender to the touch. I also have a C-Section scar which I did not pay much attention to since it did not hurt to the touch.

I met Kelly at a presentation where she was speaking about the effects of scars on the body and how they can cause adhesions. I knew this already, being a Licensed Massage Therapist, and work on clients who suffer these same things. She then went on to speak and show us how the Dolphin Neurostim could release these adhesions. I then began to wonder, how were my scars affecting my body and where.

I scheduled a private session with Kelly. During the session I tried to tune into my body to see what areas were being affected by the treatment. The most significant change came about when she was working on the left side of my C-Section scar. I could feel the release of the adhesion from the area above my right hip traveling around to my lower back to the right side of my back scar. This was the area that would become swollen, tender to the touch and would actually affect my gait in that my right hip hurt to walk for any long distances.

Both of the scars are now supple, relaxed and the back scar is no longer tender to touch. It has been several weeks since the treatment and I still am in no pain. The change in the appearance of the scars is nothing short of amazing!

I was grateful after my surgeries just to be walking and just dealt with the daily pain. Once the Dolphin Neurostim released the adhesions I was shocked to find out how much pain I had actually been in because of the absence of pain.

These devices and practitioners like Kelly who are so compassionate and passionate are unequivocal life changers.

Thank you Kelly and Dolphin Neurostim. Close-Quotes1